Monday, February 20, 2006

Oda's comments on copyright reform

See today's Globe & Mail article, in which the new Heritage Minister, Bev Oda, comments on copyright reform.

The article says:
As a veteran educator -- Oda spent six years teaching theatre arts and art to children in Mississauga, Ont. -- she also has some caveats about the last government's proposed copyright legislation. "Last session, our party stood up and said we'd like to look at digital access for learning materials. So we're still looking at copyright legislation overall." Those who had hoped for the new government to automatically push through the Liberals' bill should not hold their breath.

On June 29 2005 Bev Oda, as Heritage Critic, made the following comment which I think adds light to her quote in the G&M article:

"Ms. Bev Oda (Durham, CPC): Mr. Speaker, Canada has a world class Internet infrastructure in our schools but the heritage minister's new copyright legislation makes it restrictive, onerous and possibly more costly for schools, teachers and students to download on-line educational material.
This legislation will make routine classroom activities illegal. Why do the government and the minister want to make our students and teachers pay more for materials they are using now or make them criminals under a new copyright law?"

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