Monday, December 14, 2009

World Fair Use Day

Public Knowledge invites people around the world to organize events on January 12 2010 to celebrate World Fair Use Day. [more]

Dear All,
On January 12, 2010, Public Knowledge, based in Washington D.C., US, will
host the World’s Fair Use day – an event that will bring together artists,
innovators, and policy advocates to celebrate fair use. I am writing to
request your help in spreading the word about the event. Also, it would be
great if you could organize your own events celebrating the many benefits of
fair use or similar copyright limitations and exceptions. The idea is to
have co-ordinated events in different parts of the world all organized under
the same theme. The events don't have to be on the same day. If you let us
know about your event, we will help spread the word about it. To give you a
better idea about our event, here’s a link to the event website:

In a few days, we will put together a party packet providing ideas about the
types of events you can organize. Of course these are just suggestions and
anything you do to celebrate fair use would be great.

We would also be delighted if any of you can attend our event.

If you are interested in pursuing this further, please contact my colleague,
Mehan Jayasuriya, who is organizing our event at
Please don’t hesitate to contact Mehan or me if you have any further

Thank you.
Rashmi Rangnath
Director, Global Knowledge Initiative