Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What ACTA means for Canada: Fewer

David Fewer writes a guest post for the Electronic Frontier Foundation on "What ACTA means for Canadians." According to him, there are concerns "with ACTA’s potential to undermine Canadian sovereignty over domestic intellectual property policy and the Canadian values they express."

He notes that ACTA is a threat to Canadian policy solutions that include the Canadian notice-and-notice regime for ISP liability and Canadian proposals for DRM circumvention laws. He concludes,
Both ACTA and the Canada-EU trade discussions threaten to displace domestic control over IP policy. While it might be said that it is better for Canadian negotiators to be at the table influencing developments than left on the outside looking in (like the rest of us), it might be better for Canada to walk away from the entire process. Participation merely threatens to lend the process a legitimacy that, from Canadian eyes, it currently lacks.

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