Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google Book Settlement and Canada

Howard Knopf has made some comments on the Google Book Settlement and has made note of several questions that Canadians should be asking. He points out that "most of the bells and whistles of the Google Books database will presumably not be available in Canada with respect to most of the database." Although Canadian copyright owners are included in the settlement class, and thus copyright owners could benefit from the proceeds of the settlement, none of the proposed benefits to users, such as institutional access to the database in Canadian libraries, free terminals to access the database in public libraries, or individual subscriptions, will be available to Canadians. Google will confine the services proposed under the settlement to the United States, where American copyright law applies. Canadians will be left viewing snippets of what American users can access fully.
For those interested in reading more, see Jonathan Band's article; especially page 264 on the service provision outside the United States.

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