Thursday, September 20, 2007

Canada supports discussion on ouster of WIPO director general?

Intellectual Property Watch reports that Canada may be in support of a proposed agenda item for the upcoming (next week) meeting of the WIPO General Assembly. The proposed discussion (number 12 on the proposed agenda) pertains to the discovery that the WIPO Director-General Kamil Idris misrepresented his age by 9 years on official WIPO documents over many years, and suppositions that he may have advanced more quickly through the ranks at WIPO by appearing, as a result, to be older than he really was.
While, according to IP-Watch, many developed countries support further pursuit of this issue and call for Idris to step down (including the EU and Portugal, the current head of Group B of which Canada is a member), many developing countries support Idris, who is from Sudan. According to IP-Watch, some developing countries consider the whole issue to be a politically-motivated smear campaign over an issue that has been blown out of proportion and is insufficient to justify calls for Idris' resignation.

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