Monday, October 26, 2009

CIRA survey on Internet concerns

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority, working with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, has posted a survey that will help it determine the Internet-related policy concerns of Canadians. Among other questions (Access to the Internet: How concerned are you about access to speedy, affordable, quality broadband across Canada?; Privacy: Are you concerned about control over online access to personal information?), the survey asks "Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in online content: Are you concerned about how IPRs are protected for content accessible online?" I found it odd that a leading organization in Internet policy would list intellectual property as a potential area of concern without also listing open access to online content as a possible priority area. Luckily, there is room in the survey to add concerns that were missed.
Reading the survey, it sounds like CIRA is interested in possibly starting a public forum on Internet policy - one that would hopefully involve a broad range of stakeholders, inquire on important issues in Canadian Internet policy, and engage with forums around the world.
You can take the survey here to submit your two cents on the future shape of a Canadian Internet policy forum.

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